SHOW DAY!! Packing Checklist

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The day is finally here that you have spent anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks training for. When my show day finally came around I was panicked. I had no idea what to expect. I definitely recommend attending an NPC show before competing in one. I didn’t however, and everything went smoothly!

The morning started at 6 am. I had my makeup done at home. My hair was blown out the night before so all I did was touch ups. I met my coach at my gym and we went over together to the competition site (Monmouth University) and checked in at 7am.

I chose to wear my bikini under my sweats. I had flip-flops on until I got backstage in which I switched into my heels.

Here’s what I packed:

  • Show Heels
  • A Full Length Mirror- It may seem inconvenient to carry, however was SO happy I had this. Mirror space was SO limited backstage. I bought a $10 mirror from target and left it there.
  • Makeup for touchups.
  • Pro Tan touch up bottle ordered from
  • Bikini Bite- ordered from You do not want your bikini moving around onstage.
  • Posing Oil- I chose Muscle Juice from but I have heard that cooking spray works even better!
  • Rubber Gloves to apply touch up protan.
  • A towel to sit on.
  • Food that your coach tells you to bring.
  • Your jewelry, NPC card, and anything else for registration.
  • Your wallet with ID and money just incase. There are so many cool shirts to buy!
  • Ipod or book- there is a lot of downtime and it can be boring.
  • Business Cards- you meet a lot of great connections!
  • Camera or your phone- take LOTS of pictures
  • Paper Cups– cut out the bottom and pee through them to avoid dripping on your tan! TRUST ME.
  • A Robe/Black Sweats- I brought both but only wore the sweats. The robe is convenient for fast change.
  • Change of Clothes- I went out right after so it was convenient to bring a change of clothes and go straight to dinner if your show is running late.


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