How you know you’ve gained weight without stepping on the scale & other advice on balance post comp!

  1. People politely tell you– I’m going to start compiling a list of nice ways people have commented on my post competition weight gain.

-“WOW! You really look like you’ve put on some muscle there!”

-You just have a fuller more womanly body now

-You look healthy!

-Your face is so round !! It looks great!

  1. Your clothes don’t fit. During peak week I get carried away ordering brazillian bikinis and skimpy tops I would NEVER usually wear. Keep in mind, competition weight is not usually maintainable. Being a size zero jeans was fun for a week. Now I have four pairs of $200 Freddy Jeans in size 0 that I can’t return.
  2. You breathe heavily doing things you never thought twice about before. I have a habit of sprinting up my flight of stairs at my house. When I find myself wheezing at the top I realize its time to kick the cardio up a notch.
  3. You opt for the loose gym tanks you used to think were mom-ish instead of the tight tanks and nike pro shorts.
  4. Your dad catches you eating out of the icecream carton in the freezer and says “JESUS JEN! Do you ever stop?!”


I’m just having fun here but the point of this is to remember that post competition gluttony has consequences! FIND BALANCE. Enjoy life and live well! Here are some tips I can give to slowly get back to a fun life after competition without packing on the pounds:

  1. Keep your water intake up. When you’re drinking plenty of water you’re less hungry. Water is crucial to fat loss and healthy body function.
  2. Get to the gym a few days a week. Even if your workout intensity is not on point every single day, hold yourself accountable to making it to the gym. This will set the tone for your eating and keep you on a schedule.
  3. Continue to log what you eat. Whether it is in a notebook or your phone, writing down what you eat will keep you more aware.
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. When you begin the day with a healthy breakfast, you are more likely to have an active and healthy day.
  5. Limit your cheats. Earn them. Schedule them. Limit your drinking. The second you stop scheduling your cheats or working towards them, you begin to cheat on a regular basis. By “cheat” I mean a big dinner completely untracked with wine or anything you please.
  6. Keep healthy food accessible to you. If you are laying by your pool and have fresh healthy food in your fridge you are way less likely to order a pizza. If you have a banana on you, you are way less likely to buy a bag of chips or candy bar while out.
  7. Stay on track with supplements.
  8. Stay on decent sleep schedule.jennyrichfitlogo