Why Compete in a Bikini Competition?


Why Compete in A Bikini Competition?

  • Having an end goal may make you more committed

I have always been jealous of those people who can achieve their ideal body without having an end goal. I have always been most dedicated when a vacation or party is coming. However, the difference between a competition and a party is usually I just try to get skinny for a party whereas a competition forces me to focus on the muscle groups I want to improve and is the most pressure to achieve my “perfect” body.

  • Networking

If you are interested in a career in fitness or fitness modeling, NPC competitions are great places to meet people who could potentially point you in the direction of your career. Competing in a show also gives you great credentials as a trainer and you could market yourself as a competition trainer and help train others with the experience you’ve gotten from competing.

  • Seeing your body in a way you never have before

Have you ever wondered what the absolute best your body could ever look would look like? What potential does your body have under the most disciplined circumstances? Those pictures of perfect bodies that you have been jealous over… could you obtain that? While stage physique may be near impossible to maintain, wouldn’t it be nice to see and have pictures of?

  • Having a purpose

My favorite part of competing is the sense of purpose you have. You are a part of something, you are working towards a goal. Every day the thing you are held accountable for your actions.

  • The Satisfaction of Achievement

When you finally accomplish this goal you will feel like anything you set your mind to is possible. You will be on a high of self-confidence and it will open the door to the idea of planning, goal-setting, and future achieving in all aspects of life.