The True Cost of Competing When considering competing in a NPC show, cost is definitely something to consider. I always had heard that competitions were expensive, but never would have imagined how much I would spend on my first show. Here is a list of my costs and some tips on how to minimalize yours.

  • Bikini- $350.00 Show bikinis that fulfill NPC requirements can range from $100- around $850. I bought my suit through an Instagram account “Kristalbikinis”. I LOVED it, but opted for buying it plainer than I would have liked and buying Swarovski from AC Moore and gluing extra bling on myself to save money. Another high quality seller of competition bikinis is You can get a better idea of their bikini selection than their Instagram. Many pro competitors use Ravish Sands.
  • Shoes- $65.00 Clear plastic hooker heels. I ordered mine from Prices on their site range from about $45.00-$65.00. A friend of mine got very cheap shoes from an adult store. This is a less expensive alternative.
  • Jewelry- $35.00 Jewelry is about preference. Clean looking clear rhinestones and crystals. Usually very inexpensive. I bought 2 rings, two bracelets, and earrings. Never wear necklaces. I got my jewelry from a random store at the mall, however you can order on or, etc.
  • Tan- $100.00. A Pro-tan spray tan is unlike any other spray tan and usually the price reflects it. I got my spray tan from Beach Bum Tanning. I would say this price was high.
  • Other beauty treatments- $300 give or take Nails (French or pale nude/pink/white colors), Hair (blown out the night before), Makeup (early the morning of- I had a MAC makeup artist freelance to my house, however you can save money by doing hair & makeup yourself.) Waxing (I only waxed my eyebrows and shaved everything else)
  • Show Costs– My show required a $100 entry fee
  • NPC Card– Each year you must renew your NPC card membership which is dependent on whether you compete in multiple categories (For example Bikini open & Bikini Novice). I spent $130.
  • Day of Show necessities Bikini Bite, Pro-tan touch up $20
  • Coaching- I was fortunate enough to know someone who could help me as a favor, however coaching is usually the most expensive part of competing, A very good coach that will text you daily and adjust your diet plan will usually cost you $1000-1600 for 15 weeks. Some cheaper coaches can be found online however often lack quality. Self coaching is possible if you read enough, however not recommended for first show.
  • FOOD – I also had the benefit of a fisherman father who was catching all of my fish for me. Food will be very expensive. Consider 5/6 meals a day of protein, veggies, and carbs. I recommend investing in a food service such as Catered Fit which packages and delivers meals to your doorstep. This can cost approx. $300 a week. However, shopping yourself you will probably be spending more than half that and doing a thousand times more work.


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