This is an example of a “leg day” workout routine.

Hip Adductor Machine 15 reps/3 sets

Hamstring Curls 15 reps/3 sets

Leg Extensions 20 reps/4 sets

Hip Abductor Machine 15 reps/3 sets

Leg Press Machine 20 reps/3 sets

Alien Squats 15 reps/3 sets

Step Ups 3 sets/ 20 reps each leg

Walking Lunges (I usually just walk the longest length available in my gym)

Donkey Kicks (3 sets 50 reps each leg)

Air Squats (100 reps)

Glute Machine (3 sets/ 15 reps)

Glute Kickbacks (3 sets/ 15 reps)


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