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I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly beautiful a toned and fit back is on a woman. No one wants that look of back fat around your bra straps or just a frail looking slumped back either. A sleek and toned back shows strength and can be sexy and feminine as well.

In my latest youtube video I will share my favorite exercises from back day:


(Music is “This is How We Do” by: Katy Perry)

Back Workout:

Lat Pull Down (4 sets 15 Reps)

Kneeling One Arm Rows (3 Sets 15 Reps)

Seated Cable Rows (4 sets 15 Reps)

Dead Lifts (10 sets of 10 Reps- 100 total) Take no more than 15 second breaks between each set. If you do not know what weight is good for you, a good tip is to try half your body weight. So for example: I am 115 lbs, I will deadlift 60 lbs.


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