I wanted to provide all of the details to my best costume yet!

I created my Lara Croft costume – mostly entirely from things I found on Amazon. When I decided to be Lara Croft – I was disappointed by the bad reviews on the Sexy Tomb Raider costume from online Halloween stores.

Reviews said that material was cheap, costume straps were flimsy & easily broke- shorts didn’t cover and created a muffin top look.

So I decided to recreate myself by finding different pieces online!

The costume was such a hit! It was a lot of work to find pieces for the costume that were so perfect- I thought it would be helpful to anyone in the future who wishes to be Lara Croft if I made a blog post detailing quick links to everything I used !

Lara Croft DIY costume :







Leg straps:



Water guns (spray painted Matte Black)



Combat boots:

(Mine were old from Charlotte Rousse but ang work!) Found these on amazon (similar):



Halter Chest Harness Tomb Raider SMALL


(from Etsy shop- Seller: Vontoon)


For the water guns I spray painted them Matte Black- here’s a quick link for matte black spray paint even though any will work!


Guns were a little small but held about 2 shots of Tequila ?? (spraying tequila in peoples mouths all night was a must for the costume!)

The arm tourniquet was a last minute edition. I just found an old tank top that was off white/tan and thin material not thick cotton.

I didn’t care about the tank top so I cut the bottom off and tied it around my arm.

Making the edges jagged is a must. You also don’t want a bright white tank top or T-shirt. I added red lip liner and brown eye shadow to the tourniquet to make it appear dirty & bloody.


The only thing I didn’t find online.

I got these the day before in a Halloween Store.

Here are similar options:




French braids. Lara Croft usually wears one friend braid with two small pieces of hair hanging out in the front. But I like myself in two French braids better so I did that.


I did my normal makeup routine and just added streaks of red lip liner (ruby woo from Mac) here and there and smudged over it gently with brown eyeshadow (Cyprus umber from soft glam palette by Anastasia Beverly hips).

Top right of forehead/ above left eyebrow, small mark on nose, small mark bottom chip right side, left side of chest and arm by tourniquet). Pro tip**- to keep yourself looking pretty and less scary try to make marks along where you would want your face to be contoured. I found the dirt look on the outer forehead, cheekbones, and jawline to be even flattering ?!

I hope this detailed explanation is helpful in your recreation of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! Try not be as disappointed as I was when anyone under 20 asks you who you are and then has never heard of Lara Croft or Tomb Raider.

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